Hygiene Care & Janitorial Detergents

Hygiene Care Products


A Sodium Hypochlorite solution used for sterilisation purposes, available in various strengths to suit customers’ needs.

Scalex Powder

Sulphamic Acid cleaning agent used for cleaning, sterilising and descaling of plant and pipeline.

Rinse Aid

A blue coloured Biodegradable non-ionic surfactant, with low foaming properties.Good wetting power & detergency. Good stability tolerance to alkalis and good rinsability

Pine Disinfectant

Anti Bacterial Cleaner, designed for use in household, industrial and institutional cleaning

Wash-Up Liquid

Specially formulated washing up liquid for the effective removal of grease and grime from glassware, dishware, cutlery, pots and pans

Tea / Coffee De-Stainer Detergent

A powerful detergent that removes Tea & Coffee stains from cups & pots. Dilute according to the degree of soiling

Drain Cleaner

Unblocking drains and pipes, by breaking down the build-up of grease that causes blockages in pipes, with caustic soda drain cleaner.

Hand Soap

A mild perfumed hand soap, gentle on the hands, but still effective in removing everyday dirt and germs from hands.

Aluminium Brightener / Cleaner

Specially formulated cleaning & brightening agent for aluminium. Designed to clean through layers of dulling oxides, dust and oily soils to expose bright, shiny metal surfaces


60% W/W acid solution. Dissolve & remove scale from hard water deposits

Industrial Dish Wash Powder

Zeta Industrial Dish Wash Powder is suitable for dish washers, it will leave your dishes sparkling clean. (Domestic blend available for domestic use)

Scale Remover

A 40% W/W Acid solution, used to dissolve and remove scale from hard water deposits

Machine Glass Wash Detergent

Glass/Dish Wash Detergent is especially formulated for use on dishwashers & glass washers. Its powerful action cuts through grease and grime giving sparkling clean glass wash, dishware, cutlery, pots and pans. Dilute according to the degree of soiling on dishes.

Complementary Products To Range Above:

Is our Auto Care Range for Vehicle, Plant & Machinery Washing Detergents.

We can also supply a wide range of Industrial Chemicals such as Acids, Alkali, Solvents & other chemical products, on request